Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Class - A for Apple

This was my second lesson on letter A for Chloe, it was on “A for Apple".

Chloe understood the lesson better after been through the first lesson in the prior week. She kind of knew the sequence of the lesson plan, and was looking forward to the arts craft and songs.

I started with greeting song again (click here for greeting song), this time round she dance with me instead of looking puzzled. I showed her the A4 paper of letter A with the things spelled after A that we pasted on the paper last week, she remembered the 'Ant' that she learned. I sang the phonics song on A to her, she followed when I sang "A, A, A....". I showed her a plastic bag, and told her to guess what was the thing we are going to learn, she quickly took out the item inside the bag, it was an apple. She said "apple!" once she saw it, I took back the apple and told her we are going to learn A for Apple. We sang the rhythm on Apple, which went like the tune of "10 little Indian" but instead of "Indian", it was changed to "apple"

I let her play the puzzle I bought from a small stationery stall , and let her choose the letter stickers that make up the word "apple", and paste it on the puzzle. As she couldn't spell the word yet, I told her the letters and she looked for it from the sticker sheet herself.

We then did the art craft on apple, which was pasting of crepe paper on the apple cut-out. She enjoyed this part.

I showed her letter A and the spelling of Apple again, before we sang the closing song on "An apple a day".

Chloe with her apple......

I have better control of the lesson this time round, able to keep her concentrated. I kept all the things on my table so she'll not be distracted. But still, I find it a bit rush, the time was too short (around 30 min).

Her daddy peeled the apple for her after he's back from work. Both adult and kid enjoyed the fruit! haha!

Development age: 2 years 4 months.

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Anonymous said...

hi winnie,

could you kindly share the upper and lower case font size? thanks in advance.

learnthefunway on February 26, 2013 at 9:41 AM said...

You can download from the following link :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Winnie,

Thank you very much!

Ooopsss......but the fonts are in bold....

Thanks again. :-)

learnthefunway on February 26, 2013 at 10:22 AM said...

The original one is not bold, don't know why it is bold after uploaded. Or you can email me for a copy of it :)

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