Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun Class: D for Duck and Dog

Chloe has been pestering me to have fun class with her, she's been asking me to have fun class almost everyday when I fetch her from babysitter's house. I'm happy as this means she's enjoying the class, but it is also quite annoying on those days where I've no energy for her as I need to answer her more than 10 times that "no fun class today"........
In these 2 lessons, Chloe learned "D" and its sound, the craft work for lesson on "Duck" is a mask while lesson for "Dog" is just the colouring.
Chloe and I enjoy the lesson on "Duck", as the mask is really cute. Take a look of the finished product on her head here:
duckThe mask is pretty simple to do, all you need are a drawing of the head of the duck, a strip of paper with rubber band as string, the feather can be 'plucked' from your duster..... haha! I let her paint the head, paste it on the string and paste the feather.
The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Introduce phonics of D, sing phonics song of D
3) Prompting
4) Tell the kid today we're learning D for Duck
5) Art craft on the duck
6) Summary
7) Closing song

click here for closing song for lesson on Duck and here for lesson on Dog

Joke of the day:
Chloe told me "Mai duck, mai duck!" after the lesson, I thought she's saying "my duck" and I replied her "yes, your duck". She was frustrated after a few replied from me and then she shouted "go opposite Mai duck!", then only I realised she's talking about "buy (Mai in chinese means "buy") duck", haha! If you're read my post on lesson C for cake, I brought her to the mall opposite my house to buy a cake for her after the lesson, and she remembered that! ha!


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