Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun Class - H for Horse!

The material for the craft today:

Chloe asked me what is the stick for, I told her I'll beat her by using that if she's not behaving herself, she then said "mummy don't beat Chloe"...haha!

I had changed the sequence of the lesson, as the craft need time to dry after painting, I let her start the craft after the greeting song.
I told her we are learning H for "horse". Instead of listening to the phonics and etc, I let her colour the craft and put it aside for drying.

After she painted the craft, I let her listen to the phonics sound of letter "H". I then took out the A4 paper with letter "H" printed on it and let her trace the letter.

I let her pick up the pictures from a bag and paste them on the A4 paper. She would pick up the pictures one by one and tell me the name before pasting it on the paper.

(this paper will be used in the next lesson where she'll label the picture)

I then prompt her to spell out the word "horse".

She would spell the word and read the word, you may see the following video:

As the craft was coloured by brush paint, it took a longer time to dry, I let her colour the phonics sheet to kill off the waiting time.

After the craft is dried, just paste the 2 'heads' of the horse up with the paper stick in the middle. You may let your kid play with it while singing the closing song Banbury Cross.

Chloe enjoyed herself in the class, after saying "thank you" and giving me a kiss, she galloped away with her "horse" to the living hall to show off her new toy to her brother.

The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Tell the kid we are learning H for "Horse"
3) Brush paint the craft, put it aside to dry
4) Introduce phonics of H, sing phonics song of H
5) Let the kid paste the pictures of objects starting with H
6) Prompting, spell out "horse" and read the word
7) Colour the phonics sheet (optional)
8) Summary
9) Closing song

Development age: 2 years 7 mths


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