Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun Class - F for Fish

Finally, I have time to carry out the second lesson of letter F. When you have more than 1 kid, it is really quite difficult to sit down and let one of the kids concentrate on his or her study. Well, I finally made used of the 1 hour before cooking the lunch on Sunday, whereby my hubby can help taking care of the little boy.

After greeting song, I take out the Letter F paper with pasted pictures done in previous lesson, and let Chloe paste the word of each pictures on it.

Chloe will spell out each word and read each word. I find this method good, and I'll continue doing this for her future lesson, i.e. one lesson on getting the pictures out from a bag and paste on the letter paper, the second lesson on labeling the picture.

After the letter F pictures chart, I let her listen to the phonics song of F, and told her we are going to learn F for fish today.

She coloured the picture of a fish with paint. After painting, we did prompting for the word "fish". She is still not familiar with prompting, but is ok, I just want to introduce her the idea of prompting slowly.
The handicraft for this lesson was very interesting, it was a fishing game. All you need will be a chopstick which you can get from those hawker stalls, a string, a magnet bar where you probably can cut from those free gift usually sent by post (if you really can't find then you can buy from the stationery shop), some paper clips and self drawing of fish.

I let Chloe colour the fishes with crayon.

After colouring, just clip the paper clip on it. Let the child count the fishes, which enhances their mathematics at the same time.

Tie the string to the chopstick, and tie the magnet at the other end of the string, and the fishing rope is done. Chloe likes to play this game:

I believe the adults will find it interesting too, I was eager to try it out after she had done :)

We sang the closing song of Once I Caught a Fish Alive, and Chloe gave me a hug and said "thank you mummy!"

The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Introduce phonics of F, sing phonics song of F
3) Let the kids label the pictures of objects start with F done in previous lesson
4) Prompting
5) Tell the kid today we're learning F for Fish
6) Art craft on the Fish
7) Summary
8) Closing song


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