Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fun Class: L for lollipop

Chloe had just recovered from fever. She requested for the fun class the day before but I told her that she need to rest as she was sick. We had the fun class the next day and she told me she was no longer sick.

She sang the greeting song and we started the lesson.

This was the first lesson on letter "L", she traced the letter on a paper.

We listened to the phonics sound of "L" and the phonics song, that went like this:
"Lovely lollipop, l, l, l.... l is the sound of L!"
(If you are not familiar with the phonics sound of A-Z, you may click here)

She picked the pictures of object spelled after L from an envelop, and pasted them on the paper.

I would enhance it by asking her "L for?" and she would answer me by referring to the pictures, example "L for Lion".

She coloured the phonics sheet of lollipops:

She was a little impatient nowadays and tend not to complete her drawing, but I would insist her to finish the colouring if not I would cancel the lesson (it works every time I threaten to cancel her fun class, ha!).

She and her colouring:

I prompted her to spell the word "lollipop", here is the video of her spelling the word but I missed the first part on prompting, if you would like to see a complete video, click here.

The craft work was doing five sticks of lollipops, the materials were:

She coloured the "lollipop" before pasting it on the straw:

We played with the "lollipops" and do the rhyme together:

The rhyme went like this:
"5 sticky lollipops fixed on stick
Take a sticky lollipop and lick, lick, lick
(continue with) 4 sticky lollipops.....3....2....1
No sticky lollipop fixed on stick
no sticky lollipop to lick, lick, lick"

She kissed me to end the lesson.

The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Introduce letter L, kid traces capital and small letter L
3) Kid listens to phonics sound and song of L
4) Kid takes pictures of object starting with letter L, names and pastes the pictures on an A4 paper.
5) Prompting
6) Colour the phonics sheet
7) Craft work on "Lollipop"
8) Summary
9) Sing the rhyme

Development age: 2 years 8 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

I attended my phonics lesson for mummies here.

List of my fun classes:
1) A for Ant
2) A for Apple
3) B for Bubbles and Bear
4) C for Crocodile
5) C for Cake
6) D for Duck and Dog
7) E for Egg and Elephant
8) F for Frog
9) F for Fish
10) G for Goat
11) H for Horse
12) H for House
13) I for Insect
14) I for Indian
15) J for Jelly
16) J for Jack-in-the-box
17) K for Kettle
18) K for Kangaroo


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