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Chinese Fun Class: Lesson on Body 我的身体

For your information, I've sold away my set of 二三快读 (Er San Kuai Du i.e. Chinese Fast Reading for age 2 and 3), so I will not be posting my Chinese lessons using the materials from this set anymore. It is a good starter set for young children to pick up Chinese words, but I sold it because I have other ideas for my girl.

In this lesson, I intend to do a summary on the body parts in Chinese with her. She had learned it from the previous lessons and also from her school. I searched the Internet for relevant worksheets but I found the resources are very limited. Thus I created it for her, you may download it by clicking the picture below:
You may print the image out, cut the words and let your kid label the picture.

To start the Chinese lesson, we sang the song 早安你好 by changing the word “早” to “好” as the lesson was conducted at night.
The lyrics go like this:

I asked her to name the body parts in Chinese. I then gave her the worksheet above, she was excited to see her favourite Barbie doll picture and asked me how to say "Barbie doll" in Chinese. she read the words one by one and pasted them on the picture.

She labeled the picture with the words that I had cut out from the worksheet above.

Her barbie doll picture labeled with the body parts in Chinese:

After completing the first worksheet, I gave her the second worksheet which is the nursery rhyme of 两只老虎 (Two Little Tigers). You may download it here:

There are 3 blanks to be filled up which have a matching picture. Cut out the words below the worksheet and let the kid paste them on the correct blanks.

The worksheet done:

We read the worksheet one time and sang the nursery rhyme. Learning Chinese words through singing nursery rhyme is really a very good way.  Kids will find it easier to recognise the words and they also find it interesting.

Lastly, she did a craft on tiger mask. The materials are as follow:

All you need are just a paper plate, two rubber bands, some cut out of the stripes and ears.

She pasted the stripes on the paper plate:
 We decided not to paste the ears so it is as described by the nursery rhyme “一只没有耳朵”, haha!

 The mask done and she quickly put it on to scare her younger brother.
 We had fun with the mask and sang the nursery rhyme a few times.

Note: Although this post is written mainly in English, the lesson was conducted in Chinese and she was speaking only Chinese during the lesson. I against speaking a mixture of more than one language in a sentence.

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Development age: 3 years 10 months
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Fun Class: A - Z Upper and lower case letters

There are quite many readers asking me for the upper and lower case A - Z letters which I printed on an A4 size paper for my girl to use it with the A - Z pictures. If you're interested to get one you may download it from the link here:

A sample page of the document used:
You may let your kid colour or trace the letter. After the kid is introduced with the letter, let the kid paste the pictures of objects spelled after the letter. The pictures can be downloaded here.

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8) F for Frog
9) F for Fish
10) G for Goat
11) H for Horse
12) H for House
13) I for Insect
14) I for Indian
15) J for Jelly
16) J for Jack-in-the-box
17) K for Kettle
18) K for Kangaroo
19) L for lollipop
20) L for Leaf
21) M for Monkey
22) M for Mummy
23) N for Necklace
24) N for Net
25) O for Octopus
26) O for Orange
27) P for Potato
28) P for Pig
29) Q for Queen
30) Q for Quilt
31) R for Rabbit
32) R for Rainbow
33) S for Snake
34) S for Star
35) T for Tiger
36) T for Tortoise
37) U for Up and Under
38) U for Umbrella
39) V for Vegetable
40) V for Vase
47) Z for Zebra

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