Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Class - B for Bubbles and Bear

We had a lesson on "B for bubbles" last week, but I did not take picture of it. As usual, I sang songs to her, let her hear the phonics sound of letter B and the rhyme on B.

She then coloured the picture of a pot with boiling water and bubbles. I was supposed to let her play bubbles after the lesson, but as she's quite familiar with bubbles and i was a bit lazy, I skipped this part for the lesson. She coloured the pictures quite well, she likes to use water colour and I find that she'll control the colouring better than if she were to use crayon.

When daddy came back home, she eagerly showed him her colouring but too bad the daddy complained the pictures didn't look like bubbles....... Anyway, is good that Chloe showed off her work, this will make her wants to improve it.

A few days later, I gave her the lesson on "B for bear", after songs and rhyme, we did the handicraft, and this was the fun part. I took out the material given by Jann, let Chloe paste the crepe paper on it. She took some time on the pasting, but overall was ok. We were supposed to wear the completed craft, which was a bear face mask, for the closing song, but she refused to wear it.

If the kid is not wearing then the mummy has got to wear it, so I got to be the one wearing. Chloe laughed at me when I was wearing the mask and doing the action in the closing song called "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". She mentioned something "funny face"......

As she already knew bubbles and bear, these 2 lesson seem easy for her. But is good that I showed her the words and she can now recognise the words.
Chloe reluctantly put on the mask

I tried to prompt her to spell the word but she was not ready yet.

Youtube link of the 2 closing songs if you're interested:
The Wheels on the Bus:-

The Bear Went over the Mountain

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Anonymous said...

Your girl is so lucky to have u as a mummy.
She learns so much with u at home
May I know what u mean by " hear the phonics sound of letter B and the rhyme on B " ??

learnthefunway on September 5, 2013 at 12:05 PM said...

Hi Nancy,
Kids are learning everyday and everywhere, just make the resources available and they can explore by themselves most of the time :)
I think this post is not very clear, you may refer to other post on the phonics sound, e.g. in letter I lesson i've given a link on the sound of the letter:

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