Thursday, August 11, 2011

Educational Toy - ABC magnets

I bought a set of these A to Z and 0 to 9 wooden magnets early this year. The initial purpose was to hold the photos on my fridge. Chloe likes the set very much, she likes to re-arrange the photos with these magnets on my fridge, sometimes keep them in her bag. It can be annoying that every time after I arranged the photos nicely on my fridge, she would take them down and the photos could be dropping on the floor. At first I would scold her and disallow her from playing with the magnets, but surprisingly one day when I told her to leave the kitchen, she told me let her put back the alphabets first, and she really named the alphabets. So this set of magnets further enhances her recognition to the alphabets and numbers.
After I joined Jann course, she told us we should keep a few sets of ABC puzzles and magnets at home, the kids would love to play with the puzzles and magnets even though they are the same but in different patterns. I find it very true as Chloe likes to play with all kinds of alphabets toys, I was once someone who does not buy toys for kids but I would have to change my mindset now.
Kids learn through playing, let the kids grow up with fun, and don't forget,
Toys do play a part in growing smarter kids!


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