Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fun Class: L for Leaf

We went out for a walk before the lesson, and collected some leaves to be used for the lesson.

We started the lesson by singing the greeting song. Her daddy sit in for the lesson and with his help, I was able to record down the prompting, finally.

I prompted her to spell the word "leaf", and she was obedient to let her daddy record it:

(Do note that in this word, LEAF, E and A are vowels, when 2 vowels appear together, the first one make the long sound and the second one is silent, thus A should have no sound here, but as Chloe is not taught about this rule yet, I had sound the A when I prompted her)

This was the second lesson for letter "L", we listened to the phonics sound and song for letter "L" again:
"Lovely lollipop, l, l, l.... l is the sound of L!"
(If you are not familiar with the phonics sound of A-Z, you may click here)

In the first lesson on letter "L", she traced the letter and pasted the pictures of object spelled after "L". In this lesson, she labeled the pictures. She would spell and read the words before pasting them on the pictures.

I did not print the words beforehand, I wrote it on stickers. I thought it would be the same but it was not, she get too excited to see the stickers and she was a bit out of control, phew..... I shall stick back to print the words on a piece of paper and cut them out one by one.

The craft work was leaf printing. The materials were as follow, including the leaves we collected on our walk.

We began by painting a leaf. She chose the colour and paint it by herself. Brush painting is always her favourite colouring material.

After coloured the leaf, she pressed it on a piece of paper.

You may get a few different shapes of leaves and use different colours for each printing, the finished work would look like this:

The second craft work was to colour the leaf pictures, the pictures were cut out and pasted on fingers for rhyme singing.

The rhyme went like this:
"3 little leaves so bright and gay
was dancing about on a tree one day
The wind came blowing through the town
1 little leaf came tumbling down
2 little leaves, 1 little leave..... no more leaf came tumbling down"

My husband commented the rhyme sound similar to the rhymes I've cited to her in my previous lessons, but it doesn't matter to me as long as she finds them interesting :)

There was no song for this lesson.

Lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Revise letter L by showing kid the alphabet
3) Kid listens to phonics sound and song of L
4) Kid labels pictures of object starting with letter L, spell and read the word before labeling.
5) Prompting
6) Leaf printing
7) Colour cut-out leaves and sing the rhyme
8) Summary

Development age: 2 years 9 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

I attended my phonics lesson for mummies here.

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