Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Class: I for Insects!

I told Chloe to sing the greeting song to start the lesson. She sang the "Good morning.....", I took the chance to explain to her the difference of day and night, and requested her to change the lyrics to "Good evening...."
I let her listen to the phonics of letter "I", she sang the phonics song together with me, which went like this:
"Itchy insects i, i, i, i is the sound of I!"
If you're not familiar with the phonics, you may refer to this youtube link.
I let her trace the capital and small letter "I".

After which I let her take out the pictures of objects starting with letter "I" from a bag and paste them on the paper. I then asked her "I for?" and she would answer me "Igloo!" and etc.

She coloured the phonics sheet of the insects. Last week, she told me "mummy, there's a bee!" I looked at the spot where she's pointing to, and found that it was a fly! So I took this opportunity to show her how does a fly looks like.

I prompted her on the spelling of "insect", she showed great improvement, and she finally got the concept of prompting. When I gave the sound of "i", she said "I", when I sound "n", she said "N", unlike previously she would just copy the phonics sound I told her and not telling me the name of the letter. When I prompted her "e", she said "A", I told her "e....elephant...e!" she then changed to "E", which was fine for me.

The art craft for this lesson was tap paint one side of the insect picture and fold it to duplicate the colour. It was fun for her as she likes painting and she found it interesting to see the colour duplicate at the other side of the paper.

The finished product:

We sang and dance with the closing songs "shoo fly" (the barney version) and "fly, fly, fly butterfly", after which Chloe gave me a kiss and hug to end the lesson :)

Lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Introduce letter "I"
3) Introduce phonics of I, sing phonics song of I
4) Let the kid trace the letter I, and paste the pictures of objects starting with I
5) Prompting, spell out "Insect" and read the word
6) Craft
7) Colour the phonics sheet (optional)
8) Summary
9) Closing song

Development age: 2 years 7 mths
(every kid learns on their own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)


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