Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parenting Guide : The Naughty Corner Technique

I read a book written by the super nanny Jo Frost, titled "How to get the best from your children", which I find it useful and would like to share here.
Many a time our little ones will throw tantrum, they seem to be in bad mood all the time, you've tried yelling at him, scolding him fiercely, or even beating his little hands, but all these seem not working and you start to give up. Maybe before you put up your surrender flag, you could try this method of "naughty corner". To make this technique a success, you and your family members (e.g. your partner, your parents) must be consistent in carrying out the technique, here are the steps by steps mentioned in the book, please note all steps must be followed and cannot be skipped:

1) Warning
Walk to your child, squat down to be the same height as him, look at his eyes firmly, warn him, e.g. "we should not push other people, or throw things on them, this is wrong. Do not repeat this". Warning is important as this gives the child a chance to self-correct his mistake, this step must be carried out.

2) Last warning
After 5 min, the child repeat the mistake. Walk to him, use a low and firm voice, confident body language, give him a last warning, "you should not push your sister, this is very bad, if you do this again, I'll put you to naughty corner"

3) Naughty Corner
Put the child to naughty corner whenever you want him to be sorry of his mistake. The time will depend on the child's age, a 2 year old can stay around 2 min while a 5 year old can stay for 4 min.

4) Explain
This is another important step that cannot be missed out. Explain to the kid why he is put on naughty corner, e.g. "You are wrong to push your sister, this is very bad as she could fall down and hurt herself. I want you to think about your mistake here, stay here for 4 minutes, after 4 minutes I'll come back here, I want you to apologise to your sister"

5) Apologise
If the child keeps leaving the naughty corner, bring him back and tell him firmly he must stay there for the designated time, until he fulfill the time given. Get him to apologise.

6) Praise
If he has apologized, praise him and tell him you've forgiven him. This is important so he knows what he shouldn't do and what he's done correctly.

7) End the punishment
Once he's apologized and you have praised him, let him play with others again, let him know he can start afresh, do not drag about it and keep scolding, you're just asking for trouble :)


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