Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Class: S for Snake

As usual, we started the lesson after singing the Greeting Song.

But this time round, Chloe sang a better version of the Greeting Song, I guess she must have sang this song in her nursery school.

After Greeting Song, she traced the upper and lower case of letter S.

I printed the letter on an A4 Size paper. If you're printing this as well, do make sure the letter is big enough for the kid to trace.

We listened to the phonics sound and song of letter S, which went like this:
Snakes are slimy, S, S, S.....
 Ss is the sound of S!

She took out the pictures of objects spelled after letter S from an envelop, she would say out the name of the objects before pasting them on the A4 paper. For the pictures, you can download them here.

She labeled the pictures after spelled the words.

Her funny face with the completed Letter S with pictures.

As we still have enough time, she coloured the phonics sheet:

I prompted her to spell the word "snake", she has no problem on prompting now.

One funny incident to share here. She likes to watch youtube on my Iphone, which I disallow her to do so. One day, she took my phone and was trying to search for Mickey Mouse clips, she didn't know how to spell the words yet, and I ignored her. She then told me "prompt me!", haha!

The craft work was making a snake by threading the straws, the materials are as follow:

She was trying hard to do the threading but was unsuccessful initially, I then put a hair clip on the thread so that she could hold the hair clip and insert the straws to the thread easily.

The snake was finally done as follow:

It looks more like a worm to me but she was kind of scared of the "snake". She showed it to her brother and was immediately destroyed by her monstrous baby brother.....

We were too excited to play the "snake" and forgotten to sing the closing song. You may click here for the closing song anyway :)

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The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Introduce letter S, kid traces capital and small letter S
3) Kid listens to phonics sound and song of S
4) Kid takes pictures of object begin with letter S, names and pastes the pictures on an A4 paper.
5) Kid labels the pictures.
6) Prompting
7) Colour the phonics sheet (optional)
8) Craft work
9) Summary
10) Closing song

Development age: 3 years 2 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

I attended my phonics lesson for mummies here.

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