Friday, June 15, 2012

Interesting sticker activity books for toddlers

My girl (currently 3 years old) likes to do this type of activities books. She especially likes the stickers given in the book where she can paste them according to the instructions of the book. She can do it at least 4 pages everyday before sleep and I have to stop her from doing it most of the time. So I find this a good way to fill up her time and prevent her from watching too much TV.

She learns simple words, numbers, mathematics and reasoning from these books. Right now she can do simple mathematics (summation and subtract) and I find her improving everyday.

If you are thinking of buying these types of activities books, do take note of a few points:
1) Try to buy those colourful books, as my girl doesn't interested on those black and white copies.
2) The stickers in the book have to be meaningful and related to the activities in the book, or else you'll just ended having your wardrobe decorated with all these stickers.
3) Young kids can't really write yet, thus don't buy those books which requires lots of writing, you might kill their interest instead by doing so.
4) Buy those with interesting pictures, the books must be able to keep the children's interest.
5) All kids like to scribble, it is ok if your kids scribble on the books instead of writing words, they'll learn to follow instruction slowly.

The books I bought for my girl are normally very cheap, but with acceptable quality. She still needs my guidance when doing the exercises, but she's improving. I do not force her to do the book, she's the one requesting to do it most of the time, she sees it as a 'game', something interesting to her.

Hope the above tips do help you in finding an alternative activities for your child, other than watching TV or playing Iphone / Ipad :)

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