Friday, January 4, 2013

Last Fun Class! Z for Zoo!

This was the last fun class we had, I was pretty excited, as finally I managed to finish all the lessons with her, and yet, I was a little sad, as something fun seem to be ended, but little Chloe was very looking forward to the next lessons I might have for her. She had been asking would I teach her numbers or Chinese after lesson Z? Ha!

My son joined the lesson with us, but only for the first 10 minutes, and he was chased away by me after messing up the crepe paper when we were doing the craft......

The two kids sang the greeting song to start the lesson.

We had a quick revision on the pictures done in the previous lesson.
If you would like to download all the pictures spelled after A - Z, click here

We listened to the nursery rhyme of letter Z, which went like this:
Zipping Zooming z, z, z,
Z is the sound of z.

Do note that American pronounce it as zee/ˈz/ while British pronounce it as zed /ˈzɛd/, both are acceptable.

I prompted her to spell the word "zoo". For technique on prompting, you may refer here. 

The craft work was to paste the crepe paper on a drawing of zoo. My son helped up initially, but soon he was playing with the glue and started to disturb us, this was the time that he was chased away by us...... haha!

As it was quite time consuming, I let her colour the background and some small details with colour pencils. The completed craft work:

I found a book related to "zoo" and we read the story together.

She had no problem reading this type of short story now.

The kids listened to the closing song Going to the Zoo to end the lesson.

That's all for my A-Z fun classes! 

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The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Revise letter Z by showing kid the alphabet and the pictures done in first lesson for letter Z.
3) Kid listens to phonics sound and song of Z
4) Kid learns to write letter Z by completing the worksheets from (I skipped this as she had finished doing all the worksheets)
5) Prompting
6) Craft work
7) Summary
8) Closing song

Development age: 3 years 9 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

I attended my phonics lesson for mummies here.

List of my fun classes:
1) A for Ant
2) A for Apple
3) B for Bubbles and Bear
4) C for Crocodile
5) C for Cake
6) D for Duck and Dog
7) E for Egg and Elephant
8) F for Frog
9) F for Fish
10) G for Goat
11) H for Horse
12) H for House
13) I for Insect
14) I for Indian
15) J for Jelly
16) J for Jack-in-the-box
17) K for Kettle
18) K for Kangaroo
19) L for lollipop
20) L for Leaf
21) M for Monkey
22) M for Mummy
23) N for Necklace
24) N for Net
25) O for Octopus
26) O for Orange
27) P for Potato
28) P for Pig
29) Q for Queen
30) Q for Quilt
31) R for Rabbit
32) R for Rainbow 
33) S for Snake
34) S for Star
35) T for Tiger
36) T for Tortoise
37) U for Up and Under 
38) U for Umbrella 
39) V for Vegetable 
40) V for Vase
46) Y for Yacht  


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