Friday, January 11, 2013

My Fun Classes, My Fun Time

I first started giving her fun classes in July 2011, when she was around 2 years 4 months old; and we had completed the whole lots of 26 letters, 52 lessons last week, for which she has turned 3 years 9 months old. It took me around one and a half year to complete these classes, for which it was never planned to be finished in a short period.

Although she already knew letter A to Z before I introduced the fun classes to her, she was not cooperative and did not follow my instruction on the first lesson. I was wondering whether she could pick up the spelling through my prompting skill, but she soon picked it up in lesson L.

I became lazy to continue with the lesson after some time, it was not easy as I was busy with my work, each day after work, I left only a few hours of time in the night before she turned in for her sleep. Chloe was the one that kept reminding me to have the fun classes, she would bug me, nag me, and remind me day after day. I guess, the lessons were really fun to her, anyway, she's the strength for me to persist on the lessons.

I have done up a collage on her from lesson A to Z, when it was done, I was really amazed on her progress, my little princess has not only progress well in her literacy but also physically, she has grown from a toddler to a little young lady!

Look at the following enlarged pictures, she's no longer a small baby!

Chloe asked me: "mummy, what are you going to teach me after fun class?"
I do not have a specific plan for her, probably abacus, mathematics, Chinese, or piano....... We are learning everyday, every hour, every minute, not necessary a structured lesson, but it will definitely a fun one.

I picked up phonics together with her, and I'm still continuously learning phonics and pronunciation. I enjoy learning with my kids, I believe they enjoy learning with me too. Moving forward, I hope we could pick up more kills and knowledge through a fun way of learning. I'm sure there would be more challenges ahead of her, but should there be any stress on her study, it would never be coming from the mummy.

A little message to my angel,
Mummy is very happy with your progress, you always do me proud.
Your smile has always make my day, and your sorrow has always make me down too.
I'm happy whenever you are happy, so put on your smile and let's give each other strength to move against whatever obstacles ahead of us.
I love you...always.
With love,
47) Z for Zebra


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