Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Phonics - Silent E

Silent E does not make a sound in a word, but it has the magic of turning the vowel long (i.e. make the vowel to say its own name).
Example, "cut" after added silent e becomes "cute". In this case, the "u" is pronounced as its name.

The video above has demonstrated interestingly how silent e works.

Other rules of silent e include:
1. Silent e makes the vowel long. (As explained above)

2. Words may not end in v so we add a silent e.

Example have, give

3. The silent e makes the c say /s/.

Example dance

4. The silent e makes the g say /j/.

Example large

5. Every syllable must have at least one vowel.

Example ap ple

(Other syllables that follow this rule: ble, cle, dle, gle, ple, tle)

6. When s is not doubled after two vowels or a consonant, add a silent e.

Example house

7. No reason silent e.

Example come


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