Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chinese Fun Class: Basic Lesson 2

Before the start of lesson 2, I did some revision on lesson 1 with her.

The words she learned from lesson 1 were:
大(big), 小(small), 人(human), 头(head), 哭(cry), 笑(smile)

The sound:
大(da4), 小(xiao3), 人(ren2), 头(tou2), 哭(ku1), 笑(xiao4)

These words are easier to be visualised, she thus has no problem in memorising the words.

We played a game where I showed her the word cards and she did the action according to the word cards, her daddy would guess the words from her actions. I would ask her whether her daddy had guessed correctly. It was very fun to play and all of us had good laugh from it.

Lesson 2
The words she learned in this lesson were:
鼻(nose), 口(mouth), 耳(ear), 目(eye), 眉(eyebrown), 手(hand)

The sound:
鼻(bi2), 口(kou3), 耳(er3), 目(mu4), 眉(mei2), 手(shou3)

I arranged the pictures in front of her, let her familiarised with the pictures first.

I arranged the word cards beside the corresponding pictures, as I find it easier to explain the words to her:

When I explained 口(mouth), I told her:
(You can open your mouth widely and tell her that it looks like the word 口(mouth).

When I explained 目(eye), I told her:
(this word looked like the eye when u let it lie down side way)

When I explained 眉(mei2), I told her:
(What is above your eye? and point to the eye brown)

I mixed the cards and let her arranged it to the correct pictures:

She got a few wrong, I explained to her again and told her to try.

This is what she had arranged the second time:

I pointed to the words and she read the words:

Obviously she couldn't remember the words yet.

The words in lesson 2 are more difficult to her. I tried to show her few times throughout the week. I do not intend to make it a formal lesson for her, and meanwhile we continue to read some simple stories in Chinese. I shall post on her reading in Chinese soon.

Source: 二三快读

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Development age: 2 years 11 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

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