Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Origami promotes creativity in toddlers

Origami means "folding paper" in Japanese, it is an ancient Japanese art of folding the paper. When I was young, I did not know that folding paper into an object had this beautiful name called "origami", all I did know was I enjoyed playing with the papers.
My mum is good in Origami. She is the one that teaches me how to fold boat, aeroplane, frog, crane, ball and etc. I remember playing the paper boat on small pond near my house, it was really fun.
I believe Origami can promote creativity, imagine folding a crane from just a piece of paper, isn't it fun? I also think that Origami can enhance the bonding between parents and children, just like how my mum did with me.
Last Sunday I did Origami with my daughter. I can see that she was amazed at what I was doing. She kept asking me, "mummy, what (are) you doing?". When I fold the paper, she was staring at my paper, I told her that I was folding a bird. After I had done, I showed her the paper crane, and moved its wings so that it looked like flying, my girl was trilled at it.
After a while, she took another piece of red paper, crushed it and threw it up, she told me "mummy, Chloe made bird", haha!
The "bird" (crush) made by Chloe

You can get this type of origami paper from Daiso at $2 per pack. See my post on Daiso here if you're interested.

Some Origami diagrams:



For more diagrams click here.


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