Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zoo-phonics, from Zoo Toddler to Zoo Kid

Chloe joined Zoo Toddler class of Zoo-phonics since April this year. See my verdict on Zoo-phonics here.
Zoo Toddler is an one hour enrichment class once a week, which she attended every Saturday. Last month, the admin of Zoo-phonics asked if we would like to upgrade Chloe to Zoo Kids programme, which is also an one hour enrichment class once a week but without parent assistance, which means she'll have to attend the class herself. As Chloe is not attending nursery school yet, we take this chance to train up her independence.
She seems to like the class and willing to go to school every Saturday morning, but she is still crying before entering the class even after the 3rd lesson. I'm not too worry about this as the teacher told me she has been adapting well in the class, and she has been showing me smiley face whenever I fetch her back home. One thing I like Zoo-phonics Serangoon Branch very much is that they're very professional and I can really entrust them with my girl.
Last week, she brought back a revision book from the school, I must said this class is more academic than her previous toddler class, where she was just singing songs and having fun in the class. Here are a few pages from the book:

The teacher did told me that Chloe was not participating in class, a lot of her works were assisted by the teacher, but I'm not worry about it, I think she's progressing well.

Update on 29 Nov 2011:
Chloe has adapted well in the Zoo Kid class. She likes the teacher and school very much that she'll wake up early every Saturday and the moment she wakes up she'll request to go to school.
Chloe will be promoted to Inny Inchworm Class next year January. This class is for those 4 years old kids but Chloe will only be 3 years old in March 2012. She'll be trained to write alphabets and numbers in the class. I shall update on her progress after she attended the lesson next year.

Update in 2012:
Chloe did not join Inny Inchworm Class as I've withdrawn her after she started nursery school at Carpe Diem


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