Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday treat at Singapore Zoo

wild birthday badgeIt is free admission to all birthday boys and girls at the Singapore Zoo regardless of ages! We've tested it yesterday on my husband's birthday and it was a great fun for us! On top of the free admission, he got a free scoop of ice-cream and enjoyed 10% discount on all the retail and F&B stores, it was really a good treat from the Singapore Zoo!
As everyone knows, there are lots of fun in the Zoo, a little planning might make your day an even more enjoyable one!
Things to note:
1) Bring your stroller or pram, your little one might be too tired to walk the park with you. Although stroller, scooter and wagon can be rented there, the prices are not cheap. Even if you have bought the tram ticket, certain places still require walking, thus a stroller (umbrella stroller is highly recommended) is a must.
2) Bring your snacks. Cheers minimart is just located at the entrance of the zoo and there're quite a few vending machines and shops in the Zoo, however do note the price of the snacks are more than double the price you get from stores outside. I would suggest you to bring your own snacks for your little ones, but you can have your lunch in the Zoo, although the foods (including KFC) are also more expensive than the market price, is ok to pay a little more to avoid the trouble of preparing the food, isn't it?
3) Go in the morning. Many shows are started in the morning, it'll be good if you can catch the shows in the morning, and slowly explore the parks after lunch. If you go in the afternoon, the afternoon sun could kill off your interest and it'll be a little stress to make sure you're on time for all the shows.
4) Study the map and programs. Take some time to study the map and programs, plan your trip before you start walking around. A proper planning can avoid wasting too much of your energy walking around finding the right place.
5) Is ok to miss one or two shows. Many of us are aiming to catch all the great shows in Zoo, but it is really ok if you've missed one. Do not plan your itinerary too packed, choose the ones that you are most interested in.
6) Arrive at least 5 min before the show start, or else you'll not be able to get a seat.
5) Buy your ticket online. If you're not getting any special deals, you may consider buying the tickets through Singapore Zoo website, as the queue at the ticketing booth can really be long.

Information corner:
Opening Hours
8.30am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)

Adult S$20.00
Child (3 to 12 years old) S$13.00*
All prices include 7% GST
Prices quoted are subject to change

* Admission for child below 3 years old is free.

For other information, see their website here.

Picture time:
Let's study the map first.....
Chloe get to see the real hippo! She was pretty scared of it.....

Chloe touched the fish curiously

The Asian elephants show
Sealion show at Splash Safari


There're many other animals that we enjoyed while riding the tram, we walk the path and see a few animals selectively. We'll definitely go to the Zoo again, probably will be on someone's birthday :)


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