Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your Baby Can Read DVD

Chloe has been watching this DVD since she was 5 months old, she reduced watching it after turning one year old. The reason of me introducing this series of DVD to her was to make her sit still while I was feeding her, as it catches her attention. Frankly, she did not sign the words like what Aleka did in the DVD, but still I believe she had picked up those basic words, but not showing she knows.
After she turned one year old, I let her expose to other DVDs which were more fun to her. And recently I started letting my 9 month son to watch this YBCR DVD and my girl got the chance to revisit it.
First of all, this is really a good DVD for babies. When I first watched the DVD, I was thinking can the babies pick up those words as the words were flashing on the screen very quickly, but after letting both my kids watched it, the answer is yes. When Chloe watched it as a baby, she knew what's the next word or picture coming after seeing the word. Now my son, after watching the DVD for a few times, he will hold his arms up when he sees and hears "arms up". Another benefit of this DVD to me is, it can make my son sit down and have his porridge while watching it!
Now, Chloe is 2.5 years old, this DVD no longer captures her attention like what it did when she was a baby. However, when she watches the DVD with her brother, she tends to spell out the words and read the word, she is no longer in the memorizing stage but into the spelling stage.


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