Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching the 'LongKang‘ fish at Mainland Tropical Fish Farm!

Well, when my brother told me about this place, I was very looking forward to bring my kids there.
I still remember the good old days when I was catching the small fish in a small river with my playmates. It is a wonderful memory to me and I want my kids to have the fun too, although not in the same way......
So last Saturday, we made a trip to Mainland Tropical Fish Farm.
This fish farm is located at Pasir Ris Farmway, if you're going by highway, take the TPE, exit 5 (same exit for IKEA Tampines), while you are on the road of Pasir Ris Dr 12, look for the sign board of "Aqua Fauna Centre" as it is just beside this Aqua Fauna Centre.
Parking can be inside the fish farm or along the road outside the farm.

There is this big pond for the Koi fish.

Fish, fish! My boy pointing to the Koi fish excitedly.

Fish food can be purchased at $4 per pack if you would like to feed the fish.

There is this shop front that sells all the accessories necessary to complete your fish tank.
For "LongKang" fishing, you will need to pay the $4 here and get the bucket and net.

There is also an area for prawn fishing, but we did not explore that.

Here comes our most exciting activity of the day! One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive..... singing this nursery rhyme relaxingly, was thinking that it should be an easy task......
Chloe had been looking forward to this activity ever since I told her about my planning to visit the fish farm, but to catch the fish is really not as easy as we thought.....

The area for this "LongKang" fish catching activity is pretty small, but there are plants and stones around that make the place looked natural. The picture above shows the dragonfly eggs, there are also water snails in the drains and some butterfly flying around, so it is a good place for our kids to experience the natures.

After half an hour, this were what the 3 kids (and 4 adults) got.......

The kids happily checking on what they've caught.

The aunties there were kind enough to add in few more fish while packing for the kids.

The kids were happy to bring back their fish.

This was the first time Chloe get so closed to the fish, she even asked me " the baby fish got mummy?" haha!

Some information on the fish farm: 
Address: No.1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1,Singapore 519352
Telephone: (65) 62873883, 65843643, 65812550
Fax (65) 62884200.
Email: enquiries@mainlandfishfarm.com
Website: http://www.mainlandfishfarm.com
Fee for "LongKang" fishing: $4 per half an hour

Singlish for the day:
"LongKang" = drain
Why is it called "LongKang" or drain fishing? Back to the old days, our wastage was disposed to the river through the drains connected to the river. Because the drains were connected to the river, there were small fish swimming from the river to the drain, and it was where the kids like to gather and catch their guppy fish. 

English for the day:
"Fish" can imply singular or plural, e.g.  one fish, five fish.
"Fishes" can imply many individual fish(es) of differing species

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