Friday, November 25, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle, how much do you know your kid?!

Jigsaw puzzle is a very good game for children, for those who are not aware, the following are the benefits of letting your children playing jigsaw puzzle:
1) It requires the toddlers to think and develop different approaches to a single solution. It improves their problem solving skill in completing the puzzle.
2) Toddler learn cognitive skill like identifying different shapes, colours, alphabets or numbers from solving the puzzle.
3) While putting the right shape together, toddlers learn hand eye coordination.
4) Solving the puzzle require toddlers to pick up the puzzles, sort them, put them together and etc, thus it refines their motor skill.
5) The children get confidence upon completion of the puzzle.

I do know that there are many benefits of playing jigsaw puzzle, but one problem of it is that the puzzles will always scatter around the floor after the children playing it. It creates a job for me to keep the puzzles and it is a chaotic job to me. So, I've never bought any puzzle for my children.

Few months ago, a friend visited me and she bought a set of jigsaw puzzle for my girl. I thought it would be the start of my nightmare as my girl would probably throw the small pieces of puzzle everywhere in my house. I was reluctant to open the box when my girl requested it, but she's those kind of kid that you could never hide anything from her once she saw it.
Out of no choice I opened the box for her, amazingly she did not scatter the puzzles but was trying to put them together! In less than 15 minutes, she completed the puzzle!

She was around the age of 29 months when she first completed the 12 pieces puzzle, she can now complete this puzzle in a much shorter time. We should never underestimate our children, you will never know how fast they can pick up something new!

A recent video of her completing her Thomas puzzle:


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