Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A to Z Crafts - M for Mickey Mouse!

I wanted to do a craft of a cartoon character that they are familiar with, definitely not going to do anything related to 'monkey' since they've done it so many times already. I came across this very cute Mickey Mouse made from toilet roll, which is easy to do, and easy to associate with my letter M lesson.

M for Mickey Mouse 

What you'll need:
1) Toilet roll
2) Black, white and red paper
3) Button
4) Water colour
5) Glue

1) Paint the toilet roll with black water colour, leave aside to dry.
2) Cut the shape of the head (with ears) out from the black paper
3) Cut the shape of the face out from the white paper
4) Paste the cut outs to the toilet roll (after dried)
5) Paste the red paper (cover half of the toilet roll) to the toilet roll, do your measurement.
6) Paste the button.
7) Draw the eyes, nose and mouth.


This craft work is used in conjunction to my Fun Classes, you may refer here for details of my Fun Classes.

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