Thursday, July 11, 2013

A to Z Crafts - E for Easter Egg

I keep the egg shells every time I fry the omelet, which could be very useful at times. I use it as a mold for making fruit jelly, I also use it for doing crafts with my kids.

In this lesson, we were doing the Easter egg where the kids had fun colouring the egg shells.

E for Easter Egg

This is the finished product. I loss most of the pictures in my camera, if not I will definitely show you how happy the kids were when they were colouring the eggs.

What you'll need:
1) One egg shell.
2) One disposable chopstick, which you can get from food court when you buy your packed food.
3) One paper cup as the base for displaying the egg.
4) Water colour paints.

1) Wash and dry the egg shells before use.
2) Cut a "X" on the bottom of the paper cup.
3) Put in the chopstick through the "X" of the as shown in the picture.
4) Hang the egg shell on the chopstick and start painting it.
2) You may colour the paper cup too.

This craft work is used in conjunction to my Fun Classes, you may refer here for details of my Fun Classes.

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