Monday, June 24, 2013

Resources: Teaching Your Kids Piano

My girl is currently playing and learning piano by herself without attending formal lesson. I do not send her for piano lesson as I think formal lessons might kill her interest, while fun and interesting lessons might not yield the results in short term thus require more capital in the investment (no, it is not a waste of money just that you'll need to spend more).

Will I send her to proper lessons in future? My answer would be "Yes" if she really has the interest but "No" if she doesn't.

This post includes the resources I printed for her from the Internet, you may refer to it if they are useful to you:

1) Printable manuscript:
You may print the manuscript according to your setting, example resize the staff (i.e. the lines), add in treble or bass clef, add in bar and etc.
For those who just want to print the manuscript in blank, treble clef or bass clef  without the trouble of doing the setting, you may refer here:
This is useful for the kid to practice writing the notes and symbols.

2) Free download of music scores with an application for PC or Apple users:
This is a Chinese website, sorry for those who cannot read Chinese.
There are many free music scores can be downloaded here. What I like the most is the free application which you can open any music scores and the app will show you how is it played on piano. Excellent website.

3) Free piano sheet from easy to difficult levels:
Another excellent website, I can't believe all these are free for download, many easy to play music scores for the kids which they are familiar with.

4) Theory games for the kid that I find useful and interesting:
Other theory worksheets or games:

I'll update this post as and when I found new website with useful resources.

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