Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chloe's Reading Progress at 3 years 9 months

I've previously posted on "How to encourage reading in young toddlers", for which I posted a video of her reading story book at the age of 35 months, one month before she turned into 3 years old.

If you're interested to find out how to cultivate the interest of reading in your children, do visit the post, for which I talked about the problems Chloe was facing and my methods helping her to befriend the books.

For this post, I would like to update on her reading progress. I'm surprised to see her reading this kind of books with small wordings:

She made a few mistakes in the reading, but I'm not too worry about it, my emphasis is still her interest in reading.

She will now dig the story books from the pile of books I prepared for her in our study room, and read them by herself. She will ask me if she faces any new words, for which I will read to her and explain if necessary. Sometimes, she will ask me about the story, like what happen to the "Gingerbreadman", why the fox is hiding behind the wall and etc. I will tell her to continue reading to find out the story herself.

I also see her doing role playing with her younger brother, example she would act as the "big bad wolf" and trying to catch her brother assuming the brother is the "little piggy". The story line will follow the story of "Three little pigs" but adapted a little bit by her.

Some points I would like to highlight here:
1) All kids like to read.
If you think your kid has no interest in reading, you're probably using the wrong way.

2) Do not force your kid to read.
Emphasis on getting their interest in reading especially in the early years.

3) Always make books available.
I have books not only at my home, but also in my car. My kids can read anytime anywhere as long as it does not affect their eyesight.

4) Let the kids choose their favourite books to read.
Every kid has different interest, example my 2 years old boy only read books with animals, others will not get his interest.

5) Do not explain every single word in the story.
Some parents like to explain the words, but this is very disturbing and will actually discourage the kids from reading.
Imagine if you are reading a newspaper, do you know all the words written on an article? I'm sure there will be some words which are not in your vocab but still you are able to understand the article. If someone were to explain all the words that he or she thinks you do not understand, do you still want to read the newspaper?

6) Do not 'read' the story to your kid in 'your own language'.
When you read to your kid, read the words in the book accordingly, some parents think that the kids might not be able to understand the sentences written on the book, and they changed the sentences to the ones that they think are easier to understand.
Example, instead of "the little piglet is so excited to see a table full of food", it is changed to "the little piglet is very happy when he see so many 'mum mum' on the table" (note: 'mum mum' is the baby language for food). 
What is wrong here? The parent has eliminated "excited" from the kid's words bank, and the baby language of 'mum mum' is something I really against of.

7) Have enough books collection at home
Books can be expensive if you were to buy all brand new from store. I collect all the used books from friends and relative, so that I have enough collection to arouse my kids' interest.
My books are normally scatter around the house after their reading (and playing), but I believe the situation will be improved from time to time.

I think Chloe should have no problem in reading English books independently. My next focus will be improving her Chinese reading. Let's hope it'll be as smooth as getting her to read English :)

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