Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teaching Phonics - Make a 3 Letters Word A Vowel

I printed those papers quite some time, I tried to teach her early this year when she just turned 3 years old, but she couldn't get the technique, so I stopped.

Recently she found the papers and requested to play the 'game' (I always use the term 'game' whenever I introduce a learning method to her), and she got the reading technique this time round.

If you're interested to try it out with your kid(s), you may print the papers here.

Teaching method:
1) Teach the kid to read the ending sound made by vowel A, e.g. at, am, an, ap, ab (refer to the link above)
2) Make the sound of 'at' (do it one by one), tell the kid to pick the paper of the sound you've made.
3) Put the papers (those at, am, an, ap etc) on the floor, make a sound and tell the kid to stand on the paper of the sound you've made.
4) After the kid is familiar with the ending sound, teach the kid to make a word by introducing other papers. Example for 'at', show the kid 'cat', teach the kid '' (read the sound of c and at) 'cat' (read the word out loud).
5) Arrange those ending sound papers (e.g. at, am, an, ap, ab etc) on the floor, give the kid a paper (e.g. cat), tell the kid to read and put it under the correct ending sound paper.
6) Say a word (e.g. cat) and tell the kid to pick the paper up. If the kid can't find it, hint the kid which ending sound is the word under.

Mistakes I've made:
1) Give the papers to my girl and expect her to read them out by herself, without teaching her the reading method. By doing this, my girl is actually memorising the word, and not learning to pronounce the word.
2) Give her too many papers at a time. She was a bit confused when I gave her all the papers and expected her to sort them out, she then memorised the words, which is not the purpose of the lesson.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach the kid the phonics method of reading, not to make them memorise the words. Thus, Do Not flash the cards to your kids, emphasise more on the sound, and how each letter interact with the ending sound. E.g. when 'c' meets 'at' becomes 'cat, when 'b' meets 'at' becomes 'bat' and etc.

I'll be teaching her the other Vowels, will be updating here soon.

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