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Learn The Fun Way! Who Am I?

This blog is specially created for my two kids, Chloe and Brayden.

Just like everyone else, my husband and I started our family planning after a few years of our marriage. It did not turn out per our planning, I had 2 miscarriages prior to having my elder girl, it was heartbroken to have lost my previous two pregnancies, I was sad and depressed, until Chloe was born in early 2009.

I was pregnant again when my girl turned one year old. After a week of my pregnancy confirmation, I experienced heavy blood lost, and I thought I had another miscarriage. But my boy was a very strong baby, he made it through and was born in end of 2010.

I'm thankful to my kids, for bringing joys to my life and adding spice to my marriage. They bring surprises to me every day and motivate me to be a better mum, a better human being. They teach me the value that I thought I knew but I did not. They make me look at a problem from a different angle. I feel so fulfilling every day being able to improve myself because of my two little sweeties.

I started to teach my girl phonics when she showed interest in alphabets at the age of 2 years 4 months old. It was wonderful to see my 'once a baby' able to put letters together to form words. She progressed smoothly, from reading letters, to short sentences, and to story books. When she was reading at the age of 3, I knew that my efforts on teaching her had been fruitful.

My boy on the other hand, was able to speak many words at the age of one, he was able to name many of the animals when he was 17 months old. At the age of 21 months, he knew all the sound and name of the alphabets.

My kids are not genius, many of the kids could do what they are doing now too. They gain the knowledge little bit by little bit every day, I do not rush them to memorise anything or force them to attend any enrichment class. What I would like to stress in this blog is that, I give them lots of freedom in whatever they are doing, I guide them to the preferred direction but not forcing them, I review what I had been doing with them and make correction every now and then.

I believe learning should be an easy and fun process, and I'm sure one would only excel in something that he or she has interest in. Being a 'result chasing student' once myself, I come to realise that academic result is not everything and it is very unnecessary to forgo many other interesting things in life or stressing yourself and your children in the game of chasing good academic result. However, I do think that a smart student could spend lesser time on study, yet achieve good result if he or she has the positive learning attitude. So, my duty as a mother is to culture this positive learning attitude in my kids.

In this blog, I would like to share with you how do I make my kids' learning a stress-free experience. This blog would document all the teaching techniques, the materials I use, the mistakes I have learned, review of the educational products, and the progress of my kids for your reference.

Why is the name "Learn The Fun Way?" As I have stressed, a person can only excel in certain thing if he or she has interest in it, for a person to be interested in something, it must be FUN! This "something", be it learning, study, games or activity, could be something boring or tough to others, but fun and interesting to the person. For example, when the great scientist Albert Einstein stayed in Berlin and worked on new theories, he was often too obsessed on his work and forgotten to eat and sleep. He was not a maniac or insane, but he was too engrossed on his work. For someone to be so attached to the work, he must have found it very interesting that he could not stop himself from doing it. Many parents put the emphasis on building their children's focus and concentration, but they do not aware that being able to excel does not lie on the ability to focus, but the reason behind being able to focus. Focus is not something that you could train your kid on, but something you could develop in your kid, that is to cultivate their interest, to build up their confidence, and they would ultimately be focus on what they are doing.

Do feel free to leave me your email address if you have any queries about my blog. I welcome healthy comments and discussion and we could learn from each other :)

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Bely on March 3, 2015 at 9:56 PM said...


Thanks for sharing, I'm so inspired by your blog.
I'm trying to teach my son who just turned 2 phonics and was wondering if you can recommend any teaching materials.. Books? Phonics systems or classss in Singapore ? I'm quite clueless how to go about teaching my boy.

Would love to learn from you. Thanks !
You can email me at

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